Our Story

What does Refuel Design Co. mean to us?


Refuel Design Co. LLC was born on a concept of filling your cup! By that, we mean restoring mental, emotional and physical energy... so when your tank starts running low or feeling empty, we're here to help you Refuel! We're combining our passion for our home state and the great outdoors to grow a brand that will resonate with you in a way that makes you feel like you're ready to conquer your next adventure. We hope our cozies will help recharge your batteries and inspire you to Refuel... whether that means kicking back and relaxing a bit or getting outdoors to enjoy what you love!


It is our mission to assist entrepreneurs in endorsing and REFUELing their business via branding and marketing solutions that create hype over their vision!

  • Emma: owner, printer/designer + operations

    Hi there, I'm Emma! I am a wife, blessed boy mama and dreamer with a passion for community and creating. You'll almost always find me with my hair in a topknot with oversized sunglasses on... and let's not forget about those ripped jeans or cozy leggings! My favorite things in life (besides my sweet family, friends + biz) are tacos, chips, hiking (we officially started tracking our NH48 and 52 WAV during the summer of 2022), breweries, live music, [real] maple syrup, and checking out local mom & pop shops! With the help of my hubby, we operate a small two-person print shop specializing in 603 inspired merchandise and handcrafted [small batch] custom apparel for fellow small businesses! I must say, together we make one hell of a team!!

  • Kyle: owner, operations

    Hi, I'm Kyle, a Clinical IT and Business Strategy Consultant by day, and help with the business operations for Refuel Design Co. by night! I have grown my knowledge in the marketing space throughout my early career with business ownership, and my experiences in healthcare and consulting. This has helped guide my awesome wife and I down the path of being able to establish and operate a handful of successful small businesses over the last decade. Over the years, I have developed a passion in helping other small businesses get off the ground and grow to their fullest potential. Outside of the office, I enjoy cookouts with our family and friends, working on the JSR Enterprise race car, hiking, checking out local breweries and sipping on a good [Maple] Rye Old Fashioned!

And this is how it all began...

Refuel Design Co. started as a tiny little dream, one where I would find a passion in my soul to feed the fire that burns in my heart for making. As a stay-at-home mom, I was soul searching for a way to do my part as a provider within our family. I had this crazy idea of starting a business where I could decorate apparel, in small batches, for fellow small businesses during any downtime I could find during my day. As a part of the JSR Enterprise (4NH) Racing Team, this idea initially flashed a lightbulb in my mind while thinking about ways to reduce costs for team apparel. My husband, Kyle, saw the passion I had for this tiny little spark that was starting to light within me. So for Valentine's Day (2022), he provided me with the LLC that would bring Refuel Design Co. to life! With his help on the business end of things, and my self-taught craft, we began our business out of the living room in the house we were renting at the time. I would sit at the counter on a barstool putting together everything from the website to possible designs, pricing guides and lots and lots of trial runs; it all kind of grew from there! I remember when I was learning to screenprint, Kyle asked if I could make him something cool to wear... I recall thinking "well, our state motto is pretty darn incredible, I'm going to use that as inspiration and see what I come up with." Little did I know, this would become something our family and friends wanted to wear, and soon after, that initial design became the start of our brand! From this point on, we were able to shift focus from only taking custom orders and really placing our focus on our own thing, too! And that's where I hope to take this business... the launch of our first (603 Inspired) collection is just the beginning of a shift in our little biz! We plan to launch more outdoor-inspired apparel and gear (as we truly hope to to share the things that we love with you) in the near future, so stay tuned! Just to sit back and think that we were amidst a home build with two small children (one remote learning) with a startup business that we invested what little savings we had left to get it up and running... and here we stand, a tiny dream turned into the most incredible reality... because we have YOU! We cannot thank you all enough for the love, support and wisdom we receive, it truly keeps us going and we are grateful beyond measure! We can't wait to see where we go from here... thank you so much for joining us for the journey!

Xo, Emma